Legion Review.

This is the post excerpt.


Warning: this is my first time reviewing something, so enjoy.

So, I recently finished FX’s Legion. And I have a lot to say. Gonna start with the pros first. The acting was amazing. The show stars Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza and Rachel Keller, which is an amazing cast who each give perfect performances that makes the show come to life. The visuals were brilliant as well. Episode 7 in particular stands out to me. Movie quality if I am being completely honest with myself.  Not to mention a pretty good story if you can keep your head wrapped around it. legionheader

Time for the cons, the story is confusing and hard to follow at times, I had to re watch a few scenes some times to make sure I understand it fully. I hated how short it was 8 episodes seems very short compared to most other Marvel shows which are 13 episodes. But I understand why it needed to be 8 episodes.

The show is also tripy at times. And the show can be a mind fuck if you don’t devote all your attention to it. Overall it was a fun watch. I’d for sure recommend it to anyone who wants not only a good superhero show but an amazing television show. I give it a solid 90/100.web_detailhero_series_dsktp_legion_1280x600.jpg

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