Legends S2 Finale Predictions.

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS The season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is on Tuesday April 4th on The CW. I’ve got a few predictions I’d like to share. First * POTIENAL SPOILER* we have it on good authority a Legend will die 32 minutes into the finale. I think it’s going to be either Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) or Nate/Citzeen Steel (Nick Zano). Easy and replaceable characters.

If Heatwave is the one I want it to be Snart vs Mic in an epic battle. Snart gets the upper hand and gets the advantage. While hesitating Mick is taunting Snart and Snart snaps and kills him.

If Nate is the one to go, I want it to be Nate is mad about Amaya’s death. After she was frozen to death by Snart. So he becomes reckless and not thinking clearly makes a costly mistake. 

Once again this is all just my thoughts and speculations. Let us know what you think will happen.


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