Sway’s 5 Shows to Binge!

Got some free time? Looking for a way to spend it? Look no more! Here’s my (@Swayyist) top ten binge list. This isn’t my list for my all time favs.

5. Smallville.

Superman!!!! Cheesy fun superhero action! Tom Welling gives an amazing performance as a young Clark Kent growing up and learning his new powers. I highly recommenced this show. So great. All seasons on Hulu! Image result for smallville poster

4. Arrow.

Many of you know I love love love Arrow. Seasons 1-2 are amazing. 3 is a fun watch and 4 is, well ugh bad. If you enjoy Arrow make sure to check out The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Image result for arrow  poster

3. Dexter.

This is my all time favorite show in history. Love it. Michael C. Hall is an amazing actor. The cast is great. Keeps you interested and always watching I give this 9/10. All seasons on Netlfix.        Image result for Dexter Poster

2. Breaking Bad.

Intense. Amazing. Suspense. Breaking Bad is probably the most high quality series to date. Always keeping you on the edge of your seat! Amazing! All seasons on Netlfix. Image result for breaking bad poster

Honorable Mentions.

Hannibal, Parks n Rec, All the Marvel Netflix shows and House of Cards.

1. The Office.

Probably the most iconic series in American history. Funny and great comedy. Awesome cast. I recommended to anyone who wants a good source of entertainment.  Image result for the office poster


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