Marvel’s Agents of Shield 4×16 “What If…” Review.

I know… i know, im late and im sorry, but i hope this review was worth the wait… (That is if you were waiting for it)

So, As the LMD arc ends and this new “Agents of Hydra” arc begins, Let me start off by staying… This episode (And hopefully the entire arc) was amazing. First things first, Ward. Is. Back. Ward quickly became a beloved villain, and when he was killed by Coulson we all shed a tear, only to rejoice when the Inhuman, Hive, took over Wards dead body… but alas, when Hive was defeated and killed, we all thought that was the last of Ward, but it wasn’t. Ward back… but with a twist! Instead Of being a Hydra agent pretending to be a Shield agent, in the framework… iTS REVERSED!!! Ward is a good guy! It was great to see him being in a relationship with “Skye” and here’s hoping he gets some badass action sequences soon.

Coulson was as amazing as ever, not much changed except Clark Gregg did awesome being a teacher who teaches a class about Inhumans and why we fear them.

Daisy, which is now back to Skye lol, did awesome having to literally wake up to this different world as well as the new world order.

Now, as you would expect, May is… still May lol. The only thing so far that has changed with May is she didn’t kill the girl in Bahrain but because of the outcome she still has the same Stone Wall personality we all love.

Next up on my review is Fitz. Fitz is a perfect example of why Shields characters are loved so much, because every actor gets to play a different version of their character almost every season. For instance, in season 1 Fitz was the dorky scientist who could do no wrong, In season 2 he was a scientist going crazy from having a mental block because of when Ward dropped him and Simmons out of the plane into the water. In season 3 Fitz got to play more of a hero character, even traveling universes away to save simmons, now in season 4, he gets to play “The Doctor” who is 2nd in command in Hydra.

Wrapping up also wanted to give a shout out to Elizabeth Henstridge who did fantastically, especially in the Simmons and Coulson scene in the classroom.

Also Madam Hydra was cool but she was only in a scene so we will hopefully see more of her.

All in all, once again Shield makes yet another great episode and I cannot wait to see what happens next!


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