My Spoiler Free Take on 13 Reasons Why.

So I’ve recently just finished Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. And I’ve got some things to say. Here’s my review.

The show starts out as a mystery on Hannah Bakers life ends as a psychological fuck. This show has a strong message and theme. As the show progressive you learn what it is…. Every little thing you do and say has endless consequences. Image result for 13 reasons why


This show is very deep as well. Every little thing has a meaning. When Hannah is alive the show has a orange color to it to symbolize how when shes around the world is a better place and it’s much more light. And the blue tone when shes not around shows how the world is a darker, worse and depressing place without Hannah.

This show has a pretty unknown cast. Lot’s of nobody’s but they each give amazing performances. This show had great pacing. Each episode was a new story how someone’s actions led to Hannah’s death. Not one dull episode. 13 Reasons Why was shot really nice and smooth as well. With good writing and script for the most part. I think this might be Netflix’s first controversial hit, for a good reason.

I would give this show a 9/10. i think every single one of you reading this needs to watch it. It’s a real eye opener. We all have something to learn from it. You never know what someone is going through.


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