My short list of hopes for Agents of Shield Season 5.

So… news has come out recently that Agents of Shield is close to renewal, and the ratings for each episode are great too, so i’d expect a season 5. Because of this, im making a list of things I want.

First off, make it the final season. There are multiple reasons why I think that it should be the final season, but the main two are the fact that, In Season 5 the show will reach its 100th episode, and, when it comes to movie tie-ins, Season 5 would tie into, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, AND AVENGERS INFINITY WAR, Which, is supposed to be the culmination of all the phases that have come before… So since Agents of Shield have been around since Phase 1, it would make sense to have it end with everything else that had started before Avengers Infinity War.

Secondly, I want a good team. Every Season we have the team fully together for like, a couple episodes, then either someone betrays or some shit happens and all of the sudden the team is against itself. Also i would like to keep Mace around.

Third, start to stray away from Inhumans and make it go back to Shield tackling more… Shield things. This season we’ve had Ghost Rider and LMD’s, so we are on a good track.

Those are just a couple things i want for a Agents of Shield Season 5, what would you want? See Ya! -Anthony


Author: flashparodox

Marvel/DC, Gamer, Self Proclaimed Biggest Spider-Man Fan, Stay Whelmed! I Make Good-ish Tweets. Proud Comic Fade Member.

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