Saint’s Row 1, A Retrospective. 

Saints Row… one of *My* most beloved and favorite video game series… (too ambitious?) Anyways, with this year (2017) being SR’s 11th anniversary, I figured I would take a look back at the first Saints Row, titled… “Saints Row.”


 Saints Row… one of *My* most beloved and favorite video game series… (too ambitious?) Anyways, with this year (2017) being SR’s 11th anniversary, I figured I would take a look back at the first Saints Row, titled… “Saints Row.” (Lmao.)

 Saints Row 1 had one of (In my opinion) the best Video Game openings ever… Coming right out of the character creation screen, your character starts simply… walking down the street. After walking past a Watch Seller and a ugh… Hoe. Then you stumble on to a gang fight where a gang member walks up to you, and says “Wrong place, wrong time” and… *poof* you hear a gunshot and the screen goes black, then comes back a second later, revealing you didn’t die, and another gang called “The 3rd Street Saints” came to rescue you. The boss invites you to the Saints, and tells you to swing by the church when you’re ready to be apart of something bigger.


 From left to right: Troy, Johnny Gat, Julius, Lin, Dex.

 Then after being canonized into the Saints, you get introduced to the members. You have Julius, Troy, Dex, Johnny Gat, and Lin. Saints Row 1 actually had my favorite cast of Saints, as they all had very different personalities. Julius, the “Get shit done” kinda guy, Troy, the “I don’t really care” kinda guy, Johnny who was the “Can I just go murder people” kinda guy, and Lin, the Soft spoken badass.

 One of the biggest things in the original two Saints Row games, were the rival gangs. In SR1, There were the Los Carnales, The Vice Kings, and The Westside Rollerz.


 From left to right: Luz Avalos, Victor Rodriguez, Hector Lopez, Angelo Lopez, Manuel Orejuela. 

 Primarily made up of Hispanics and Caucasians and sporting red colors, Los Carnales specialize in arms and drug trafficking. Hector Lopez leads the gang with his brother Angelo Lopez, who is dating Luz Avalos. Victor Rodriguez is their enforcer, and Manuel Orejuela is the contact between Los Carnales and the Colombian drug lords. The Carnales operate primarily out of the region around the airport and the run-down industrial areas of Stilwater.

 From left to right: Tanya, Warren, Ben, Tony.

 Kings Chief Operating Officer, Warren Williams is in a locked duel against King because of his need to prove he’s down. Williams argues that violence and brute force is the only way to show the rising Saints gang true power, while King remains more calm and collected about the matter. 

 With the help of Tanya Winters, Warren stages a coup against Benjamin King. After the Leader of the gang runs away for his life, the Vice Kings falls under the control of Williams. This is short lived, since Tanya betrays Warren by killing him and takes all the power for herself. Winters has little to no experience running a gang, let alone one of the most powerful ones in the city. During her short reign, the gang has major conflicts within its ranks. This leads more than half the members to quit, while a small portion remains loyal to Winters. After Benjamin King allies himself with the 3rd Street Saints and kills Tanya himself, the Vice Kings disband.

 From left to right: William Sharp, Joseph Price, Donnie. 

 The Rollerz consist of a cadre of street racers and tuners that supplement their illegal hobbies through dealing in stolen auto parts that they acquire by preying on truck shipments traveling through Stilwater.

 The gang is mostly made up of rich kids who lived in the heart of the Rollerz turf: the suburbs.

 After the Saints defeat all three gangs, The Saints officially control all of Stilwater. Because of this, Julius promotes you, the player, to Chief Lieutenant. Celebrations end early as Julius is arrested by Richard Monroe, the corrupt police commissioner, and threatens to kill him, unless the Saints assassinate Mayor Marshal Winslow, allowing Alderman Richard Hughes to win the election. 

 Then… the (in)famous ending. The game coming full circle, and ending with a bang. The ending is just as iconic as the opening in my opinion. Hughes, now the mayor, invites you, the player, to meet with him on his yacht. With the Saints held responsible for Winslow’s death, Hughes plans to destroy them and raze Saints Row so he can sell it to developers. Troy, who had been an undercover cop planted by Monroe to infiltrate the Saints, meets with the police while Julius watches. Hughes then orders his bodyguards to kill the player, but a bomb suddenly explodes on the yacht’s main deck, killing everyone onboard and putting the player into a coma. 

 Saints Row 1 set the series on a path to success, which even to this day, is creating soon to be successful spinoffs like Agents of Mayhem. And when, your having fun, playing Agents of Mayhem, or any other spinoff, I just want you to remember that Saints Row 1 was the game that started it all. -Anthony 

My short list of hopes for Agents of Shield Season 5.

So… news has come out recently that Agents of Shield is close to renewal, and the ratings for each episode are great too, so i’d expect a season 5. Because of this, im making a list of things I want.

First off, make it the final season. There are multiple reasons why I think that it should be the final season, but the main two are the fact that, In Season 5 the show will reach its 100th episode, and, when it comes to movie tie-ins, Season 5 would tie into, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, AND AVENGERS INFINITY WAR, Which, is supposed to be the culmination of all the phases that have come before… So since Agents of Shield have been around since Phase 1, it would make sense to have it end with everything else that had started before Avengers Infinity War.

Secondly, I want a good team. Every Season we have the team fully together for like, a couple episodes, then either someone betrays or some shit happens and all of the sudden the team is against itself. Also i would like to keep Mace around.

Third, start to stray away from Inhumans and make it go back to Shield tackling more… Shield things. This season we’ve had Ghost Rider and LMD’s, so we are on a good track.

Those are just a couple things i want for a Agents of Shield Season 5, what would you want? See Ya! -Anthony

Agents of Shield 4×17 “Identity and Change” Review. 

Agents of Shield 4×17 didn’t disappoint as we got a deeper look into the “What If” lives of our Shield agents in the framework.

  Agents of Shield 4×17 didn’t disappoint as we got a deeper look into the “What If” lives of our Shield agents in the framework.  

 First off, we get our very first look, at Hope. Hope is of course Macks ill-fated daughter and she in the framework has a wonderful life with her Daddy, Mack. Mack in the Framework is a law abiding citizen and follows all of Hydras rules, but when Hope takes a Hydra drone, she gets them in trouble with Hydra. 

 I felt the most entertaining, emotionally heart renching scene was at Radcliffes Island. After Madam Hydra and Fitz arrive, we get a beautiful scene where Radcliffe was trying his hardest to convince Fitz of this fake place, whilst Madam Hydra was trying to convince him of the opposite, meanwhile Jemma hiding behind the bush with Ward and Coulson, and pouring her heart out trying to get Ward not to shoot “The Doctor”, and it all culminated with Fitz shooting Agnus, proving his loyalty to Madam Hydra. 

 During all of that Daisy… erm Skye, gets discovered by May tricking Mack… into Tricking Skye to reveal she was a Shield agent into a microphone. The ending of the episode shows Hydra knows Skye is Inhuman and Fitz is now tasked with tourtueing Skye. 

 All in all I felt this was a solid second episode in the Agents of Hydra arc and I’d give the episode a 4.5 outta 5, as I felt the episode kinda dragged up until the halfway point, but from there it was AMAZING. 


Marvel’s Agents of Shield 4×16 “What If…” Review.

I know… i know, im late and im sorry, but i hope this review was worth the wait… (That is if you were waiting for it)

So, As the LMD arc ends and this new “Agents of Hydra” arc begins, Let me start off by staying… This episode (And hopefully the entire arc) was amazing. First things first, Ward. Is. Back. Ward quickly became a beloved villain, and when he was killed by Coulson we all shed a tear, only to rejoice when the Inhuman, Hive, took over Wards dead body… but alas, when Hive was defeated and killed, we all thought that was the last of Ward, but it wasn’t. Ward back… but with a twist! Instead Of being a Hydra agent pretending to be a Shield agent, in the framework… iTS REVERSED!!! Ward is a good guy! It was great to see him being in a relationship with “Skye” and here’s hoping he gets some badass action sequences soon.

Coulson was as amazing as ever, not much changed except Clark Gregg did awesome being a teacher who teaches a class about Inhumans and why we fear them.

Daisy, which is now back to Skye lol, did awesome having to literally wake up to this different world as well as the new world order.

Now, as you would expect, May is… still May lol. The only thing so far that has changed with May is she didn’t kill the girl in Bahrain but because of the outcome she still has the same Stone Wall personality we all love.

Next up on my review is Fitz. Fitz is a perfect example of why Shields characters are loved so much, because every actor gets to play a different version of their character almost every season. For instance, in season 1 Fitz was the dorky scientist who could do no wrong, In season 2 he was a scientist going crazy from having a mental block because of when Ward dropped him and Simmons out of the plane into the water. In season 3 Fitz got to play more of a hero character, even traveling universes away to save simmons, now in season 4, he gets to play “The Doctor” who is 2nd in command in Hydra.

Wrapping up also wanted to give a shout out to Elizabeth Henstridge who did fantastically, especially in the Simmons and Coulson scene in the classroom.

Also Madam Hydra was cool but she was only in a scene so we will hopefully see more of her.

All in all, once again Shield makes yet another great episode and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Arrow theory: Who is Vigilante? My ideas and speculations.

So… Arrow Season 5 has introduced The Vigilante this season and everyone is wondering who it is. Since the Arrow Writers said they know who it is but we won’t be getting a reveal till next season, I figured now is as good a time as ever to speculate. So, without further ado, here are my top ideas and speculations on who Arrow’s Vigilante is. (And I know they said he’s someone we have met but can we REALLY trust them?)

Number 1.) Greg Saunders. For those who aren’t as well versed in the lore of DC Comics, Greg Saunders was the 1st Vigilante , (Yes there are more than one Vigilante, but we’ll get to that later.) Greg was more of a western cowboy-ish hero similar to Jonah Hex. Because of this he would obviously be a revitalized and revamped version of Greg Saunders.


Number 2.) Adrian Chase. (Your minds right now… WHAAAAAAA?) As I mentioned above, there were actually 2 Vigilantes, Greg, and much later Adrian Chase. Adrian’s Vigilante was much more modern and look very similar to Arrow’s costume. Now, as you know Adrian Chase was also introduced this season but turned out being Prometheus. The writers said they did that on purpose to throw people off the scent. So, I’ve said before I do think if they went this route, which they might, Prometheus could have just stolen the Adrian Chase identity.


Number 3.) Paul Holt. I’ll be honest I don’t really believe this one but I’ve seen this theory thrown around so i figured why not. Now, Paul has been in Season 5 a considerable amount. And truth be told, it could be a hint towards something. And if the writers are telling the truth, this would be the only pick that would make sense.


(Opinion Piece) What I think Arrow Season 4 did wrong and what I would’ve done instead.

Arrow Season 4. These words make Arrow fans cry, but how? Arrow had an AMAZING first two seasons, and even season 3, which admittedly was definitely not on par with 1 and 2, wasn’t all that terrible. Before I get into the things I think it did wrong, it did do Some things right, such […]

Arrow Season 4. These words make Arrow fans cry, but how? Arrow had an AMAZING first two seasons, and even season 3, which admittedly was definitely not on par with 1 and 2, wasn’t all that terrible. Before I get into the things I think it did wrong, it did do Some things right, such as Oliver becoming the Green Arrow, and the show getting a lighter tone, granted that tone definitely did not stay, but it was a nice change of pace. And the final thing Arrow got right, (in my opinion) is Laurel Lance finally started to become the Black Canary, once again, that didn’t last long, but we’ll talk about that later.

The first thing, (And one of the most core and fundamental problems of Arrow Season 4) was the writing. Now, although most of this bad writing is pointed towards Oliver and Felicity, which don’t get me wrong, i agree, but there are basic writing problems that I learned the first week of Journalism class. You see, there is a rule in writing called “Show, don’t tell” and a perfect example of how Arrow Season 4 messed this up lays towards the end of the season, where (SPOILERS) Diggle shoots and kills his brother Andy. I believe as little as one episode later, where Diggle confronts Ruve Adams, AKA the mayor and Damian’s wife, Diggle acts impatient, angry, and most importantly, irrational. Diggle is about to kill Ruve when Oliver comes and explains how Dig shouldn’t and can’t kill Ruve because she’s the mayor and she has the media, which Oliver was completely right, and what Diggle said afterwards is where they should’ve used the “Show dont tell” rule. Diggle says “I’M SO ANGRY! IM SO ANGRY I CAN HARDLY BREATHE”… like… seriously? What I would’ve done instead is make a scene where Diggle would shoot next to Ruve’s head, and maybe storms out, have him get into a heated conversation with Lyla.

The next thing I… well I need to mention, is Oliver and Felicity’s relationship. it’s not the idea of their which is inherently bad, but how they handled it. Problems it started were creeping into and infecting other scenes, such as this one specific Laurel scene, which I will mention later. The first thing I would’ve done is took another draft of the scripts to touch up the dialogue. Now, Felicity getting paralysed after her getting engaged was actually compelling and could have been a huge stepping off point to be able to see the more soft side of Oliver, but instead Oliver went into “Kill everything” mode and went dark again. The next huge problem I would’ve fixed is how Felicity reacted to William, Oliver’s Son. Samantha specifically said to Felicity that it was her who made Oliver choose between being in Williams life or not, But noooooooooo for some poorly explained reason, Felicity overreacted, and called off the engagement. I would’ve gone the route of her saying… “You know what Oliver? I’m cool that you didn’t tell me, it’s fine.” All they had to do was touch up the writing and this wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place.

Now… the moment that, well technically no one is present while im writing this except for myself, so I guess it’s the moment i’ve been waiting for? Anyway, the death of Laurel Lance. That is correct, they killed the Black Canary on a Green Arrow show. Now some people, thought Laurel was a drag, and she didn’t fit, and they were glad Laurel died. Well im not one of those people, I think the death of Laurel was one of the shows biggest mistakes overall, not just in season 4. and, as mentioned in the Oliver and Felicity part, something that really bothered me is that the writers took their time, to, in Laurel Lance’s, The Black Canary’s swan song, her final moments on earth, her last words, make part of her last words her talking about Oliver and Felicity. Laurel’s character will now be tainted forever with the fact her last moments were her talking about Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, which she shouldn’t be talking about in the first place, but also, SHE SHOULDN’T BE DEAD AT ALL. Now, and come on this is simple, what I would’ve done differently is I would’ve just kept Laurel alive. It’s as simple as that.

I know this was pretty lengthy, and I rambled on some parts, but this site is a chill zone and I want all of you to remember these were only my opinions, not saying yours, even if they are the same or different, are right or wrong. That’s all, See Ya! – Anthony