Superman Returns to Supergirl?

All the CW Shows has had some big stuff leading up to their season finales. But the most interesting is that Tyler Hoechlin will take on the mantle of Superman once more in Supergirl’s Season 2 Finale. Supergirls transition from CBS to CW has been a big change, better writing, characters, CGI etc but the best thing is Superman. Which many argue is the best portrayal since Christopher Reeve.rs_634x1025-161017121853-634-supergirl-crisis-cover-cw

While no news has been released on what will happen in the finale. Nevertheless it’s an amazing and good thing. Hopefully this will lead to more team ups (or possibly his own CW show!!) in the third season. This could be what Supergirl needs is to make Superman a series regular in S3. I can’t wait to see Clark and Mon-El interact.

Supergirl is back Monday, April 24th on The CW.



My Spoiler Free Take on 13 Reasons Why.

So I’ve recently just finished Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. And I’ve got some things to say. Here’s my review.

The show starts out as a mystery on Hannah Bakers life ends as a psychological fuck. This show has a strong message and theme. As the show progressive you learn what it is…. Every little thing you do and say has endless consequences. Image result for 13 reasons why


This show is very deep as well. Every little thing has a meaning. When Hannah is alive the show has a orange color to it to symbolize how when shes around the world is a better place and it’s much more light. And the blue tone when shes not around shows how the world is a darker, worse and depressing place without Hannah.

This show has a pretty unknown cast. Lot’s of nobody’s but they each give amazing performances. This show had great pacing. Each episode was a new story how someone’s actions led to Hannah’s death. Not one dull episode. 13 Reasons Why was shot really nice and smooth as well. With good writing and script for the most part. I think this might be Netflix’s first controversial hit, for a good reason.

I would give this show a 9/10. i think every single one of you reading this needs to watch it. It’s a real eye opener. We all have something to learn from it. You never know what someone is going through.

Let’s Talk Arrow Season 5….

AS you all know Arrow started out very strong with seasons 1 and 2. 3 was mediocre but I found it enjoyable to say the least. Season 4 was when Arrow lost all credibility. An awful season with awful side plots. But Season 5 is back to the season one roots. Amazing villain, Prometheus/Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra). Season 5 is starting to earn back the credibility it once had.  7eeef7c3fdb2cb005f25143ccf7650bc596ac32e

But how did an awful season filled with romance and boring characters become an amazing season that outshines all the other DCTV shows…? I think it was the writers realizing the fuck up that was S4 and to some degree S3. Heading back on the right track they’ve been going this year. The introduction of the new Team, Dinah Drake, Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog and Ragman just to name a few, was what Arrow needed. Fresh new characters to make it more refreshing. As well as better acting and action. Image result for arrow season 5 new team

Now it’s time for what I think they can do in these last few episodes to keep the seasons good. First…… Return Ollie back to Lian Yu for the Flashbacks. Focus on episodes about Ollie and Chase. Another thing NO FILLER EPISODES PLEASE. Keep the show focused on Adrian (Prometheus) breaking down and destroying Ollies life. And last but not least give us a few flashbacks of Chase training and becoming the man he is today. Show us his training and him preparing to take down Oliver. One more thing!!! PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE ENOUGH WITH THE DUMB HACKING GROUP AKA HELIX! 5×19 Sounds like an episode where the team goes against it. Would be a good place to end the org.  Image result for arrow season 5 flashbacks talia

Let’s talk Flashbacks.. I am gonna start out and say this. SEASON 5 FLASHBACKS ARE MY NEW FAVORITE! I love the Russia vibe. Talia is cool as well. And let’s not forget Anatoly. I am really enjoying seeing Ollie suit up as The Hood an finally becoming The Monster we all know and love. I often find myself enjoying the flashbacks more then the main plot. But I think it’s time for Ollie to return to the island now. For me Flashbacks go 5>1>2>3>4.Related image

Final stuff… Going to discuss what I’ve LOVED, LIKED and DISLIKES from season 5. I have loved the new characters (like I stated before) sadly they have underused Ragman. Also, please more Vigilante he’s the most interesting character to me since he isn’t Chase! who could he be?!?! I love the action and fighting scenes. Cinematography has been great as well, I’ve liked that this season. S5 is shot good as well. Only episodes I didn’t like was 5×10, the Black Siren one. I was never a big Laurel fan. Hopefully that will change next season. I also didn’t like how they’ve re used set props and places so much. Between The Flash and Arrow it’s annoying.  arrow-5x07-promo-vigilante-hd-season-5-episode-7-promo.png

Thanks for reading 🙂 I appreciate let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter. – Sway.

Arrow 5×19 Synopsis Revaled.

The official synopsis of the upgoming Arrow episode “Dangerous Liaisons” has just been put out by The CW.

THE SEARCH FOR CHASE INTENSIFIES — Oliver (Stephen Amell), Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase (Josh Segurra). Helix tells Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) they have a way to find Chase but they will need something big, and illegal, from her in return. Joel Novoa directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Elizabeth Kim (#519). Original airdate 4/26/2017.”

This episode airs on April 26th, 2017 on The CW. Let us know your thoughts on this. 

Sway’s 5 Shows to Binge!

Got some free time? Looking for a way to spend it? Look no more! Here’s my (@Swayyist) top ten binge list. This isn’t my list for my all time favs.

5. Smallville.

Superman!!!! Cheesy fun superhero action! Tom Welling gives an amazing performance as a young Clark Kent growing up and learning his new powers. I highly recommenced this show. So great. All seasons on Hulu! Image result for smallville poster

4. Arrow.

Many of you know I love love love Arrow. Seasons 1-2 are amazing. 3 is a fun watch and 4 is, well ugh bad. If you enjoy Arrow make sure to check out The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Image result for arrow  poster

3. Dexter.

This is my all time favorite show in history. Love it. Michael C. Hall is an amazing actor. The cast is great. Keeps you interested and always watching I give this 9/10. All seasons on Netlfix.        Image result for Dexter Poster

2. Breaking Bad.

Intense. Amazing. Suspense. Breaking Bad is probably the most high quality series to date. Always keeping you on the edge of your seat! Amazing! All seasons on Netlfix. Image result for breaking bad poster

Honorable Mentions.

Hannibal, Parks n Rec, All the Marvel Netflix shows and House of Cards.

1. The Office.

Probably the most iconic series in American history. Funny and great comedy. Awesome cast. I recommended to anyone who wants a good source of entertainment.  Image result for the office poster

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2 Finale Review.

Will contain spoilers. Enter at your own risk!

So the Season Two of Legends just ended. And I’ve got some thoughts on the episode as well as the season. First, the episode was pretty average. Not amazing but not bad either. VFX seemed to be better then the previous episodes this season. Action felt the same no real improvements. The cliffhanger at the end was really dumb, but I’ll touch on that later.

I think it’s fair to say this episode didn’t live up to a lot of our standards. But, I’m pretty sure Snart and Rip will be back for season 3.

The scene with Eobard and the multiple versons of himself was cool. Black Flash was also very impressive. One of my favorite parts was when Mick and the other version of Mick had some beef. That was funny and made me laugh. As well as the Laurel cameo it was very special and Sara getting some closure. 

Time for the cliffhanger at the end. It sets up season 3 in LA but it’s over run with dinosaurs…. I am still undecided on this, it could turn out to be interesting or really bad… 

But I will give the episode a 7.5/10. But season 2 overall earns a 8.5/10 from me. I seriously loved this season. Hopefully season 3 can be this good. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments or on Twitter. – Sway.

What I want to see happen on Daredevil season 3!

We got the news late July during San Diego Comic-Con, 2016, that a third season for Daredevil will officially happen. Today we got the news that the third season will start filming this year. That’s when we got the idea to do this article on what I (@KostymenTweets) want to see for Daredevil season 3.


I think Daredevil season 3 should be their take on the ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ storyline. It’s the one me (and others) think makes the most sense from where we are now on the show. Looking back at what we know from the season 2 finale, Matt has now told Karen his identity and their agency has collapsed. Season 3 would probably be about Matt trying to fix his life after failing to separate his two lives from each other. Trying to do a better job balancing his two identities as Matt Murdock and the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ storyline is about how his whole life falls apart and drives Matt Murdock into insanity after Wilson Fisk finds out Daredevil is Matt Murdock. Fisk uses the law against Matt and gets his bank accounts frozen by the IRS. The bank forecloses his home and Matt gets prohibited from practising law. All while trying to figure who’s doing all of this. Matt suffers mentally and becomes paranoid. He doesn’t know who he can trust and becomes homeless. Then it goes on from there. Karen Page has become a drug addicted pornstar. She is the one who told Wilson Fisk who Daredevil is, out of desperation for more heroin. They most likely wouldn’t make her a pornstar. They could still give her the drug problem. Again, this would be their own take on the story, so it’s up for them to decide what’s best. Ultimately, this would be a great way to step it up from season 2, and tie the show together from everything we’ve seen.


A villain plenty of us want to see done right on screen is Bullseye. I believe this is a good time to introduce him. Just make him Wilson Fisk’s hitman instead of Nuke. This would immediately go a different direction from the comics but I think it would work perfectly for the show. He could be the main antagonist while Fisk is hiding under the shadows pulling strings.


I think it’s safe to assume that The Hand storyline is being entirely told and wrapped up on The Defenders show. So I’m not expecting its return for season 3. Except for maybe Elektra Natchios who could make her return for the upcoming season. They might use her for The Defenders first but maybe we could see a redemption arc for her during season 3? It’s something I would love to see for sure.


Overall, I’m expecting Daredevil season 3 to be even more darker and suspenseful than season 2. Pulling from ‘Daredevil: Born Again’, and introducing the famous antagonist Bullseye, would be the perfect way to make this happen, in my opinion. I absolutely love this show and can’t wait for Daredevil season 3! – Tim (@KostymenTweets)