Prison Break Season 5: Premiere Review

Prison Break is the latest on a long list of tv shows to be renewed after years of being canceled or coming to a natural conclusion. If you thought Prison Break was now done with storytelling, you were wrong. The premiere of Prison Break aired April 4, 2017 and brought up a lot of questions. Although, It was no surprise that Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) was returning, there still lies the question of how he is going to break out of prison and what its going to cost the two brothers.

The premiere offers a good look at whether or not Prison Break is going to return to its old roots, for better or worse. The premiere stayed close to the previous seasons but not yet, can compare. Does this mean it’s bad? No, it just means so far, it’s nothing phenomenal.

If you’ve watched The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, seeing Purcell and Miller side by side once again isn’t that special, and that unfortunately takes away from this new season of Prison Break. We haven’t gotten a lot of storytelling, at least yet, due to the fast pacing of the premiere in attempt to kick-start the new season.

It’s clear from the start of this season that it’s directly aimed at longtime viewers, so if you’re a newcomer, it may be hard to follow along with what’s exactly going on. Though, Prison Break still can be a fun ride for newcomers as it’s packed with great action and fun twists to even intrigue those who aren’t caught up. A huge plus, the performances are great all around, which is enough to help the viewer get invested in the character once again or for the first time. While it’s highly recommended you watch the previous seasons before the new season, it’s not necessary.

Prison Break Season 5 is up to a good start, earning my 4/5 star rating.

A good start to the long overdue Prison Break revival that should leave fans in for a good treat.

Written by @aquamomaa