What I want to see happen on Daredevil season 3!

We got the news late July during San Diego Comic-Con, 2016, that a third season for Daredevil will officially happen. Today we got the news that the third season will start filming this year. That’s when we got the idea to do this article on what I (@KostymenTweets) want to see for Daredevil season 3.


I think Daredevil season 3 should be their take on the ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ storyline. It’s the one me (and others) think makes the most sense from where we are now on the show. Looking back at what we know from the season 2 finale, Matt has now told Karen his identity and their agency has collapsed. Season 3 would probably be about Matt trying to fix his life after failing to separate his two lives from each other. Trying to do a better job balancing his two identities as Matt Murdock and the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ storyline is about how his whole life falls apart and drives Matt Murdock into insanity after Wilson Fisk finds out Daredevil is Matt Murdock. Fisk uses the law against Matt and gets his bank accounts frozen by the IRS. The bank forecloses his home and Matt gets prohibited from practising law. All while trying to figure who’s doing all of this. Matt suffers mentally and becomes paranoid. He doesn’t know who he can trust and becomes homeless. Then it goes on from there. Karen Page has become a drug addicted pornstar. She is the one who told Wilson Fisk who Daredevil is, out of desperation for more heroin. They most likely wouldn’t make her a pornstar. They could still give her the drug problem. Again, this would be their own take on the story, so it’s up for them to decide what’s best. Ultimately, this would be a great way to step it up from season 2, and tie the show together from everything we’ve seen.


A villain plenty of us want to see done right on screen is Bullseye. I believe this is a good time to introduce him. Just make him Wilson Fisk’s hitman instead of Nuke. This would immediately go a different direction from the comics but I think it would work perfectly for the show. He could be the main antagonist while Fisk is hiding under the shadows pulling strings.


I think it’s safe to assume that The Hand storyline is being entirely told and wrapped up on The Defenders show. So I’m not expecting its return for season 3. Except for maybe Elektra Natchios who could make her return for the upcoming season. They might use her for The Defenders first but maybe we could see a redemption arc for her during season 3? It’s something I would love to see for sure.


Overall, I’m expecting Daredevil season 3 to be even more darker and suspenseful than season 2. Pulling from ‘Daredevil: Born Again’, and introducing the famous antagonist Bullseye, would be the perfect way to make this happen, in my opinion. I absolutely love this show and can’t wait for Daredevil season 3! – Tim (@KostymenTweets)


(Opinion Piece) What I think Arrow Season 4 did wrong and what I would’ve done instead.

Arrow Season 4. These words make Arrow fans cry, but how? Arrow had an AMAZING first two seasons, and even season 3, which admittedly was definitely not on par with 1 and 2, wasn’t all that terrible. Before I get into the things I think it did wrong, it did do Some things right, such […]

Arrow Season 4. These words make Arrow fans cry, but how? Arrow had an AMAZING first two seasons, and even season 3, which admittedly was definitely not on par with 1 and 2, wasn’t all that terrible. Before I get into the things I think it did wrong, it did do Some things right, such as Oliver becoming the Green Arrow, and the show getting a lighter tone, granted that tone definitely did not stay, but it was a nice change of pace. And the final thing Arrow got right, (in my opinion) is Laurel Lance finally started to become the Black Canary, once again, that didn’t last long, but we’ll talk about that later.

The first thing, (And one of the most core and fundamental problems of Arrow Season 4) was the writing. Now, although most of this bad writing is pointed towards Oliver and Felicity, which don’t get me wrong, i agree, but there are basic writing problems that I learned the first week of Journalism class. You see, there is a rule in writing called “Show, don’t tell” and a perfect example of how Arrow Season 4 messed this up lays towards the end of the season, where (SPOILERS) Diggle shoots and kills his brother Andy. I believe as little as one episode later, where Diggle confronts Ruve Adams, AKA the mayor and Damian’s wife, Diggle acts impatient, angry, and most importantly, irrational. Diggle is about to kill Ruve when Oliver comes and explains how Dig shouldn’t and can’t kill Ruve because she’s the mayor and she has the media, which Oliver was completely right, and what Diggle said afterwards is where they should’ve used the “Show dont tell” rule. Diggle says “I’M SO ANGRY! IM SO ANGRY I CAN HARDLY BREATHE”… like… seriously? What I would’ve done instead is make a scene where Diggle would shoot next to Ruve’s head, and maybe storms out, have him get into a heated conversation with Lyla.

The next thing I… well I need to mention, is Oliver and Felicity’s relationship. it’s not the idea of their which is inherently bad, but how they handled it. Problems it started were creeping into and infecting other scenes, such as this one specific Laurel scene, which I will mention later. The first thing I would’ve done is took another draft of the scripts to touch up the dialogue. Now, Felicity getting paralysed after her getting engaged was actually compelling and could have been a huge stepping off point to be able to see the more soft side of Oliver, but instead Oliver went into “Kill everything” mode and went dark again. The next huge problem I would’ve fixed is how Felicity reacted to William, Oliver’s Son. Samantha specifically said to Felicity that it was her who made Oliver choose between being in Williams life or not, But noooooooooo for some poorly explained reason, Felicity overreacted, and called off the engagement. I would’ve gone the route of her saying… “You know what Oliver? I’m cool that you didn’t tell me, it’s fine.” All they had to do was touch up the writing and this wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place.

Now… the moment that, well technically no one is present while im writing this except for myself, so I guess it’s the moment i’ve been waiting for? Anyway, the death of Laurel Lance. That is correct, they killed the Black Canary on a Green Arrow show. Now some people, thought Laurel was a drag, and she didn’t fit, and they were glad Laurel died. Well im not one of those people, I think the death of Laurel was one of the shows biggest mistakes overall, not just in season 4. and, as mentioned in the Oliver and Felicity part, something that really bothered me is that the writers took their time, to, in Laurel Lance’s, The Black Canary’s swan song, her final moments on earth, her last words, make part of her last words her talking about Oliver and Felicity. Laurel’s character will now be tainted forever with the fact her last moments were her talking about Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, which she shouldn’t be talking about in the first place, but also, SHE SHOULDN’T BE DEAD AT ALL. Now, and come on this is simple, what I would’ve done differently is I would’ve just kept Laurel alive. It’s as simple as that.

I know this was pretty lengthy, and I rambled on some parts, but this site is a chill zone and I want all of you to remember these were only my opinions, not saying yours, even if they are the same or different, are right or wrong. That’s all, See Ya! – Anthony

Legends S2 Finale Predictions.

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS The season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is on Tuesday April 4th on The CW. I’ve got a few predictions I’d like to share. First * POTIENAL SPOILER* we have it on good authority a Legend will die 32 minutes into the finale. I think it’s going to be either Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) or Nate/Citzeen Steel (Nick Zano). Easy and replaceable characters.

If Heatwave is the one I want it to be Snart vs Mic in an epic battle. Snart gets the upper hand and gets the advantage. While hesitating Mick is taunting Snart and Snart snaps and kills him.

If Nate is the one to go, I want it to be Nate is mad about Amaya’s death. After she was frozen to death by Snart. So he becomes reckless and not thinking clearly makes a costly mistake. 

Once again this is all just my thoughts and speculations. Let us know what you think will happen.

Legion Review.

This is the post excerpt.

Warning: this is my first time reviewing something, so enjoy.

So, I recently finished FX’s Legion. And I have a lot to say. Gonna start with the pros first. The acting was amazing. The show stars Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza and Rachel Keller, which is an amazing cast who each give perfect performances that makes the show come to life. The visuals were brilliant as well. Episode 7 in particular stands out to me. Movie quality if I am being completely honest with myself.  Not to mention a pretty good story if you can keep your head wrapped around it. legionheader

Time for the cons, the story is confusing and hard to follow at times, I had to re watch a few scenes some times to make sure I understand it fully. I hated how short it was 8 episodes seems very short compared to most other Marvel shows which are 13 episodes. But I understand why it needed to be 8 episodes.

The show is also tripy at times. And the show can be a mind fuck if you don’t devote all your attention to it. Overall it was a fun watch. I’d for sure recommend it to anyone who wants not only a good superhero show but an amazing television show. I give it a solid 90/100.web_detailhero_series_dsktp_legion_1280x600.jpg