The Road Ahead: What We Know So Far About Supernatural Season 12 N’ More

MAJOR SPOILERS for Supernatural ahead! DO NOT CONTINUE if you have not watched up until 12×18 “The Memory Remains,” the trailer for 12×19 “The Future,” and if you don’t want spoilers for ANY of the episodes LEADING UP to 12×22+23, THE FINALE!! POTENTIAL SPOILERS for the the Season 12 Finale


So recently, I heard some comments regarding the finale that sparked some thoughts (and a little bit of rewatching). I believe that based off of these comments, I have discovered a likely scenario that will happen in the finale.

Alright, let’s get into it! As we know, Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer is a big part of Season 12, impregnating Kelly Kline to create a Nephilim and being held captive by Crowley in the back half. Before this, he even possessed rock star Vince Vincente to just “have some fun”. The Nephilim child is also plays a big role in the back half of Season 12 with Prince of Hell Dagon “protecting” Kelly (but mostly the baby) from the Winchesters.

Before we head into the finale, since Lucifer, Dagon, Kelly, and the Nephilim are a big part we need to understand what’s likely to happen beforehand. The trailer for 12×19, “The Future” reveals that the Winchesters (and Castiel!) will be focusing on finding Kelly, even going so far to show us that they end up in the same room.

Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Kelly

The synopsis is as follows:

“Sam devises a way to stop Lucifer’s baby; Dean is furious when he discovers that someone stole the colt; Kelly makes a bold choice about the baby’s future.”

The important pieces of the synopsis for what I’ll be discussing are the pieces about Sam and Kelly. Frankly, I believe Sam’s plan will fail and whatever Kelly is going to do is going to backfire. It just wouldn’t make any sense for them to succeed seeing Lucifer’s still locked up, Dagon’s power, and the Colt missing.

Let’s talk about Castiel’s role in this episode for a bit. Andrew Dabb (the show’s EP) says we’re getting an explanation for why Castiel was in Heaven for so long and why he thinks what he went to do was for the boys. This is going to be really great for two reasons. Number one being more scenes with Misha’s Cas! And two being it’s really going to give us an in-depth perspective of what Castiel is becoming and contributing to the greater good. I know a lot of fans (myself included) have missed him, so I think it’s safe to say the fans are really looking forward to it!

That trailer also holds an important line for us to use. In it, Dean says, “We have less than a month to find her.” This month has been confirmed by Dabb to be the “ticking clocks that sets the pieces in motion.” It seems that Kelly escapes Dagon and probably will end up recaptured, but this statement is a big driving point for this theory.

During 12×20, Mary will be helping Alicia Banes, who we met during 12×06 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox,” find her missing mother. In this episode, Mary also begins to doubt the Men of Letters. That’s for a good reason because a big focus of episode 12×21 will be that American hunters are going to be systematically killed off by the British Men of Letters for not complying with their ways. Dabb confirmed this killing begins in 12×20. He says, “people that Sam and Dean know and love pay the price.” While Alicia is a relatively new character, I think she still falls in this category and will die. He also says, “Outside of a few friends, they don’t have a lot of contact with the wider hunter community. So it forces our guys into a leadership role. They’ve been soldiers for a long time… but toward the end of the season, they’re becoming generals.” I don’t know about you, but this gets me really hyped and leads me to believe we’ll have a more formal kind of American hunting community, like an American version of the Men of Letters. Maybe the BMoL dies out by the end of Season 12 and Sam and Dean being LEGACIES form a new, more welcoming Men of Letters. In 12×18, we got a scene with the boys carving their initials into the table in the bunker and talks of family legacies through the Bishop Family’s sacrifice of people for the god Moloch. It really seems as if they’re setting something up revolving around legacy.

We know that the finale will be episodes 12×22 and 12x 23. I still find it really awesome that we’re getting a back to back finale on May 18th!! I can’t wait until the “Carry on My Wayward Son” introduction. I believe that in these episodes the Winchesters will be tracking down Dagon and Kelly (for the final time) in an attempt to be there when her Nephilim child will be born. During this time, Lucifer will be broken from his restraints and the runes marked on his vessels will be removed by his loyal supporters, so that Crowley is weak in comparison. A battle ensues between the Winchesters & Company and Lucifer’s supporters for control of the Nephilim (and Kelly for Sam and Dean). During their fight, Kelly gives birth to the Nephilim baby. At this point, I think Lucifer will absorb the baby’s power in some way. In “The British Invasion,” Lucifer made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care for Kelly by calling her simply “a container”. He makes it seem as if he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, which would make sense since he’s the freaking Devil.

How would he get the power of the Nephilim? I thought Lucifer will end up eating his child, until I was reminded that that would probably be too graphic for the CW by my good friend. So instead, I think Lucifer will absorb the baby through choking the baby. We’ve seen people choking others before, so this isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility. This would still be really chilling and disturbing, as Misha thought the finale was. From here, with the power of the Nephilim, Lucifer’s eyes will turn to a pale gold that’s easily mistaken for grey at first glance. Mark hinted at this at Seacon when a girl asked if he was going to have an eye color change. She said she would love to see gold and he said, “interesting… you should keep that idea. I like it.”  Remember, we have seen a Nephilim before in 8×22, “Clip Show”.

Jane, the Nephilim shown in 8×22, “Clip Show”

Mark also said something like, “Having read the finale script, you’re going to hate me,” when talking about how fans either love or hate Lucifer. Honestly, I love Mark and his Lucifer to death. He’s my favorite Supernatural character followed by Mick Davies (yep, you read that right). There’s not much he could do to make me really hate him. There’s only a few characters at this point that he could kill off that would make me hate him, but they’re already dead. Killing a newborn child though, would really be awful.

Sure, choking his own child to get his powers is bad, but I believe what Lucifer will become is worse. We already know that Nephilim are much stronger than angels. I believe that the combination of a Nephilim soul and Lucifer’s archangel soul will make his power rival God’s. Sam remarked earlier in the season how Lucifer might be more dangerous just having fun than when he had motives. Imagine Lucifer as God, toying with creation to just “have his fun.” Lucifer also would do this to get back at God for abandoning him again after they made up for when he left in the first place. This would give us a good story for season 13 to explore and fix.

Image result for mark pellegrino Lucifer smiling maniacally
Mark Pelligrino as Lucifer

Now, I’m going to be honest to all of you. I wish I could provide more hard evidence than stuff that seems like it could fit together, but at the same time could be leading somewhere else. Anyways, I hope you at least learned something from my brief timeline leading up to the finale or liked my scenario. Thank you for reading this it really means a lot. Oh, and I’d like to give a special thanks to jaredakf on Quizup for posting things about the rest of Season 12 or this article wouldn’t exist, seeing as how I never would have heard the initial comments that got me thinking. Let me know what you think here at the TVnMore account (@TVnMore), on my personal Twitter (@ChodnaZoop), or over on the Quizup post that I made for this.

Supernatural returns 4/27/17 with 12×19, “The Future”



How to make ‘The Flash’ tv show amazing

Tim talking about how you could make ‘The Flash’ tv show amazing. What needs to be changed and improved upon.

I’ve always been a big fan of The Flash tv show but I’ve always been frustrated knowing this show could be 100x better. It could be amazing. That’s exactly why I’m making this article. To show what needs to be changed and can be improved. Because if they don’t, this show could become horribly boring and simply bad for the next season. As a fan, I would hate that to happen. So this is what I want to see happen and change for season 4.


For season 4 and forward, we need to start focusing on the CSI aspect of Barry Allen’s life. That’s where you can tell the greatest, most interesting and human stories. We could actually see some quality television being written. We don’t want any more speedster villains or speedster companions. Give us a compelling, suspenseful, interesting and human murder mystery to revolve the season around. A season filled with strong and entertaining twists that make sense for the overarching story. Not just identity twists. In fact, we all are sick and tired over the villain identity reveals. Whoever the villain is, don’t make the villain’s identity a big deal. Don’t make it someone close to Barry, or a character from previous seasons. The struggle should still be figuring out who the killer is, but only so they can find out where he is and send him to prison.  We should also get episodes revolving around other crimes, like art thieves or the mob, etc.


A big problem for ‘The CW’ network and tv shows in general, has always been the filler episodes. I would argue that the problem isn’t the filler episodes themselves. It’s how they’re being used. They’re being used to fill up time and nothing else. I think this is so sad. You have all these extra episodes of standalone storytelling potential, but you let it go to waste. The producers over ‘The Flash’ tv show should hire in some well known and talented guest writers to tell their own unique stories with these episodes.


The “Team Flash” aspect needs to go away and never come back. It’s lazy, boring, uninteresting and hurts Barry Allen as a character. They always have to make up excuses for why he needs about five to six members to help him out. They have to dumb down the character when he’s on the field or doing general research. Makes Barry seem stupid in many cases. Which doesn’t even make sense considering he’s supposed to be a smart and capable forensic scientist. He has already learned more than enough how to be a superhero. The team shouldn’t serve any use to him. The only help he would need is getting patched up by someone when he’s injured or about to die. That could be Caitlin since she’s specialised in the medical field. Could also be someone else. The point is, Barry only needs one person to help him at Star Labs. The rest of the time should be spent on the field and the police department. That’s what we find interesting, compelling and fun. Nobody cares about the characters that much when they’re in Star Labs. Joe and Julian should spend all their crime fighting time at the CCPD with Barry. Then I say you should write Cisco Remone and Harrison Wells off the show. At least in a team member capacity. As I said, the “Team Flash” aspect has to go. It keeps the show from reaching its true potential. It has gotten so boring and uninteresting at this point. Has to go.


After you remove the “Team Flash” aspect, you will need some new regulars on the show. Make the important members of the CCPD new regulars on the show. Look at how they did Dexter. They managed to make the Miami police department regulars while still not knowing who Dexter really is. They had one member who suspected him but that’s it. They handled it brilliantly. Take notes and inspiration from Dexter.


Another problem for ‘The Flash’ tv show has been the writing for Iris West. She either gets nothing to do or she gets something boring to do. Most of what she has done is create stupid melodrama in Barry’s life, or worked on articles we didn’t care about. They need to start giving Iris West a good role on the show. Otherwise she shouldn’t be there, since she offers nothing to the show. What they should do is make her the narrator for the show. Let us hear her reading out the article / several articles she’s doing on the main murder case. Show her interviewing the victim’s loved ones and other people involved, etc. This is something that would be both meaningful and interesting to see.


One member in particular I want to see brought back is Patty Spivot. She fits perfectly with the show and especially when we start making the CCPD our main focus. Shantel VanSanten did a wonderful job portraying the character. Have no idea why they wrote her off the show. Me and others loved the character. Please bring her back.


More Leonard Snart and Rogues for season 4! Snart and Barry have such an interesting and compelling relationship. We need to see more of that explored. The rogues are so much fun and there are so many stories you can tell with them. So much you can explore and have fun with. Give us more of it.


Make Barry Allen a lot more independent. Show us his intellect, strenghts and weaknesses. Let us see him deal with his obstacles alone and managing to defeat them. Not without struggle of course. Show us why he’s a superhero. There’s more to a hero than the costume and the powers. Show us his need to save people and how much he helps Central City. You need to let us viewers know why he’s needed. How much both Central City and Barry Allen needs this. We need to see people looking up to him as a hero. Back in season 2, we saw a lot of it. Then it’s like they forgot about it. This is a superhero show after all. It’s important to show how much he helps Central City.


Let us see exactly how smart Barry Allen is. Give us an in-depth look inside his head when he’s looking for evidence and working with science in general. Let’s make him finally create that Flash ring, and make use of Gideon on the show. Make Gideon his “Jarvis” (Iron Man’s artificial intelligence) when on the field. Barry could communicate to her from the suit to look up criminal records and locations. Could tell him if he’s in critical health and so on. He doesn’t need more help than that. He should be able to figure out how to save people and beat the villains on his own.


Barry is a charismatic and funny guy. Let us see that side of him from now on. Give us seasons when he’s not dealing with the death / upcoming death of a loved one. Show him in a normal happy mood. Otherwise if you keep making him sad all the time, it becomes boring and you stop caring. You have to see the bright, happy and normal side of the character if you want us to care when he gets hurt or dealing with something horrible.


If ‘The Flash’ tv show implements everything I brought up in this article, I believe this show could become something amazing. This article was made out of love and nothing else. I’m a fan of the show and have high hopes for it. Let’s see how this seasons ends and what will happen after.

Written by – @kostymentweets

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